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Water management

Water is a scarce good in the environment, specially necessary in warm countries where it is key to apply the proper technology to make a project efficient.

To obtain high quality water for irrigation, optimize its use and secure its storage are key points to success in your project.



In the modern irrigation systems in intensive agriculture there is a vital need: Good quality water, necessary to obtain feasible yields.

Modern and efficient RO Desalination plants improve the quality of existing water with minimum reject water. Easy to operate and maintain they have a moderate consumption of electricity.

Water reutilization

Due to water scarcity in many countries, we design for your farm a closed water recovery circuit where we collect the reject the irrigation from the hydroponic system and reutilize it by treating it and introduce it back again in the system.


Permanent water availability is a must when we talk about vegetable production in hydroponic. We design and build water reservoir in your farm to secure water enough for irrigation and cooling.