Integra Agricultura y Tecnología S.L.
Design and installation of Irrigation system

In whatever climate conditions and soil

To install a modern and efficient irrigation system will lead to optimal yields with minimum water consumption.
We design your facility based on your water resources and requirements following the existing parameters in the area.


Hydroponic system

The hydroponic irrigation system is distinguished by a low water and fertilizer consumption, minimizing the cost by applying the highest technology.

The hydroponic irrigation systems we design for your farm adapt the consumption of fertiliser to the quality of water existing by contrasted nutrient solutions, and feed the vegetables or flower plantation according to variety, stage or climate condition.

Automation system

A Sophisticated automation system will feed the crops, obtaining optimal yields and quality from choosing selected solutions in selected water quantities, in specific irrigation periods.

Water recovery system (irrigation)

With the aim of optimizing water and fertilizer consumption and to avoid nearby aquifers, we design efficient irrigation water recovery systems, obtaining a great saving.

Irrigation by fog or boom system

We design modern irrigation systems by upper fog or boom system.