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Adapting it to the local environment

Cooling system is a main utility in order to obtain optimal yields. Temperature, Humidity or solar radiations are key parameters that determine the quality and yields obtained.

In protected agriculture (greenhouses) we have the power to enhance these parameters until we achieve adequate internal climate conditions for the plant’s proper growing up.

By different devices’ automatic control, the system protects the internal atmosphere at all times creating a comfort zone for the plants inside the greenhouse.


Climate control

A computer manages the system by comparing different parameter values inside and outside the greenhouse. An external weather station will provide external data. (Picture: Weather station).

At the same time, internal sensors analyse internal conditions, comparing the values with the external ones. (Picture: weather sensor)

The system commands the different cooling devices to perform until requirements ar achieved.


External shade screens, with a shade’s grade of 50%, 65% or 80% provide a filter to reduce solar radiation inside the greenhouse. At the same time it will reduce until 8 degrees the internal temperature.


i. Natural ventilation:
By means of lateral or upper windows, an air flow is addressed inside the greenhouse, decreasing internal temperature and increasing CO2 in the atmosphere.

ii. Forced ventilation:
Jet fans and extractors will improve the internal atmosphere when sensors require it.

“Cooling pad”

Cooling pad is a modern and efficient cooling system based on a forced humidity induction in the internal atmosphere of the greenhouse.

By means of airflow systems, humidity is spread and extracted until the temperature is properly decreased, due to an adiabatic system effect.

Cooling system by foggers

Cooling system by fog is based on an upper sprinkler’s network that spread humidity in the air by small droplets. This water induction in the atmosphere leads to a temperature decrease by adiabatic system effect parallel to increase the humidity in the air until the desired level.