Integra Agricultura y Tecnología S.L.

Company presentation

Integra Agricultura y Tecnología is a company forged by the experience of a 3 generation family dedicated to develop agricultural projects.

From its foundation, our aim has been to develop pioneer projects, applying the latest technologies in the field to make them more efficient in the consumption of scarce resources like water or electricity, but parallelly friendly with the environment.

In our projects we get involved with our clients, advising them about the best technological options to use according to their requirements and advising them from the scratch until covering their highest expectations.

From it’s international expansion, Integra Agriculture has developed sophisticated cooling and irrigation systems in greenhouses located in such as challenging countries as Qatar, United Arab Emirates or Oman, capable of producing high quality vegetables in extreme conditions at any season.

With the priority of improving the natural environment and the human life standards, our projects are focused on the production of pesticide and chemical free vegetables, with reasonable water consumption by an efficient hydroponic irrigation system.

Integra Agricultura y Tecnología S.L.
Integra Agricultura y Tecnología S.L.

CEO message

“From it’s foundation, Integra Agriculture has achieved the hard mission of developing a tailored irrigation and cooling system for each farm, according to it’s requirements of climate conditions or water, and obtaining an optimal produce and a state of the art final product.

Our priority is to establish a solid and stable satisfaction standard with our clients, with whom we get involved until we obtain the desired project based on our high quality products and our experience and technical team professionalism.

At Integra Agriculture we are in permanent technological evolution, to be able to offer the latest applications and equipment, always applying efficient systems and environmentally friendly materials.

Our aim is always to apply our best to design and build the most suitable project for your needs, and advise you until you obtain the highest quality produce.”

Esteban Barrachina